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2004-05-09 - 1:51 a.m.

I'm having so many back problems now. I'm really worried about it. I've pulled and stretched the muscles so out of whack that i have constant nerve pain up and down my legs, through my abdomen, and around my hips. I have to make a doctor's appointment, but unfortunately not until Friday.

Is it just me, or does Internet Explorer 'time out' way too easily? My IE will try a web page for about 15 seconds, then just switch to the Cannot Find Server page. Fuckin' sick of it.

Back to this pain thing. I know that it's due to my weight problem, but c'mon, there are tons of people out there way fatter than me, and they seem to be walkin' just fine. I can barely walk, for cryin' out loud. I can't do anything without being in agony. I've yet to walk around the lake in our new apartment complex. I can't use the workout room like i was planning to start. I can't even have sex. This sucks, it really does.

Tomorrow (or today, technically-it's 1:30am) is Mother's Day. I got a balloon bouquet for the Mum, but i was thinking of getting her an actual gift also, especially since the balloons only cost me $5. I wish I'd known that balloons were so cheap-i'd be ballooning people alot more often. That sounded vaguely sexual, but i don't think it was. My Mum is so hard to shop for-her only hobbies include bowling and gambling, and she's too young yet for those lame-ass bingo totes with cutesy phrases ironed on them for luck. I don't have to pick up the balloons til 3pm, so I guess i've got time to think about it. Most likely I'll end up just giving her the balloons and that's it.

The air conditioning in this place is really starting to fuckin' piss me off. The temperature gauge reads 77 degrees. The feels-like is about 70 degrees. Even if you set the stupid thing to 85 degrees, the air conditioner will still kick on, but only for about a minute and a half. Then it'll kick off and wait about five minutes and come on again.

Richard had to go to bed by 9 tonite becuz he has to be at work at 4-two and a half hours from now. How depressing is that? I don't know how I will be able to go to sleep tonite-his snoring is so bad lately, that even the decongestant pills that his sleep apnea-having, grossly-overweight mother swears by don't work too well. How ridiculous is that, anyway--blaming a chronic snoring problem on stuffy sinuses rather than that extra chin and couple extra tummy rolls. I'm not being mean, really I'm not. I have the same problem, almost. I can't sleep on my back anymore...not that i really used to anyway, i've always been a tummy/side sleeper, but i can't curl up in a ball anymore, becuz i can't breathe. I just worry about him. Alot.

Here's Richard as a sad, unshaven, TCBY hobo-clown.


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